I’ve had lots of questions lately about the Adoption Tax Credit. It IS different than it used to be. The adoption tax credit has been extended until the end of 2011 and increased from $12,170 to $13,170 for adoptions occurring after January 1, 2010 (itโ€™s retroactive). The credit is also now refundable. It used to just be a credit for whatever your tax liability was, but it seems than now you can apply the credit even if it’s more than your liability, so you MAY be eligible to receive more than what you owe.
There’s a great post about this (including the specific language of the bill) on the ABBA Fund’s website, which you can visit HERE. I know I speak for myself and many of you when I say this is a great help! Talk with your tax person and maybe share this info with him/her. If you’re able to get the full amount or even some of the money, what an awesome blessings and HELP it is in being able to adopt! ๐Ÿ™‚