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15% – 20% OFF Christian Adoption Consultants Packages

Wanted to let you know (and remind those I’ve spoken with already:) ) that we are offering a 20% discount on our Minority Program and a 15% discount on any other consulting program through the end of the month. Sunday is August 1 (don’t get me started on that!! :), so be sure to email me for more info ASAP!

Great Adoptive Families Article

You know how I love Adoptive Families magazine:) There was a great article this month that I know so many families could relate to – it is called Adoption Law: At the Hospital and you can read it HERE.

I know when we were at the hospital waiting for our daughter to be born, we wanted to be sure to follow all the proper procedures and there was a bit of fear in us about how to act and what we could and couldn’t do. We were given hospital bracelets and were able to see the baby even before consent had been signed, but that was because our precious birth mom had asked if we could be there with our daughter from the beginning of her life. I know I have clients who ask lots of hospital-related questions or have concerns about how that will go, and as always in adoption, there’s never an absolute, but I love the info this article shared, so I’m passing it on to you:)

Congratulations Jennifer and Brian!

There is nothing in the world better about what I do than this:

What a miracle:) God is so good! Jennifer and Brian became clients (and friends!) May 9. They were matched with their daughter’s birth mom on June 16th and their beautiful girl was born July 5! Their little firecracker:) It’s amazing to see God work so quickly in bringing families together! They had been through so much in their path to their daughter, but their incredible faith in the knowledge that God would bring them the child meant for them was an inspiration. I am so honored and blessed to know them and to have played a tiny role in their sweet girl’s adoption. Congratulations, Jenn and Brian!