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Planning for "THE CALL!"

One of the hardest things about the adoption process can be the wait. You scramble to get all of the applications, etc. filled out, you hurry to get your home study completed, and then you wait. Wait for situations, wait to be shown, wait for THE CALL. 🙂 Sometimes, as some of my clients have personally found out, it’s incredibly quick! And other times, it can be frustrating. Adoptive Families magazine has a great article on their website this month called “Planning for the Call.” There are six different tips ranging from being prepared because really, it can happen anytime, to planning for being away from home (who will pick up your mail? 🙂 and planning your homecoming. It’s a great article with some nice tips on how to prepared and how to be flexible and enjoy each moment. You can find the entire article HERE.

Congratulations Emily and Sean!

Emily and Sean’s story is so extraordinary – they have been through so much in their journey to their baby – so much loss and heartache, and it is incredible to see this beautiful family photo and to see what God does in His creation of families. Emily and Sean signed up with us June 11. They were matched with their baby boy one week later, and he was born just a few days after that. Definitely one of the fastest placements ever, but also one of the most inspirational and beautiful couples I’ve ever worked with. Congratulations you guys! Lots of love:)