One of the best pieces of advice I got when we were looking to adopt as far as medical/drug/alcohol issues, etc. was to find a pediatrician and ask him or her our questions directly. We all know you can go on Google and find a wealth of info- some good, some terrifying, and some completely inaccurate. I found that going directly to my pediatrician not only eased my mind, but set us up for success in the long run because our doctor was privy to all of our child’s health info even before the adoption. I loved this article in Adoptive Families magazine that talks about choosing a pediatrician who is adoption-sensitive. We knew our pediatrician was the right fit after he sat down and made time with us for a face to face meeting before the child who was to become our daughter was even born. That sort of time spent and attention to our fears told us he was THE one. 🙂 There are definitely different concerns for children adopted internationally, and finding a pediatrician who specializes in Adoption/Foster Care might be the best road there. You can find that info on the American Academy of Pediatrics website. I’ll also link to the actual Adoptive Families article which includes a little checklist of things to look for in a pediatrician.

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