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Myles’ Story

I love this family! Theirs is my fastest adoption to date, but it was a long time coming for them. They went through so much pain and a loss that most of us can’t imagine prior to deciding to adopt. They now have a sweet baby boy with the biggest smile ever! I remember, too, how special their adoption was because of how instantly mom knew this little guy was her son. We thought we could never get everything in on time, but it’s amazing what can be done when a Mama is working for her baby! I feel so honored to have been part of their journey but mostly to now consider them friends. Here is Myles’ story:

Our adoption story starts with the loss of our triplets at 20 weeks. We held our children in our arms as they passed away, and I looked at my husband and said never again. We started by pursuing fostering to adopt, but on my birthday we decided to pursue domestic infant adoption. I got serious about it around June 12th, this is also when I contacted Karalee, and signed up with CAC. On June 17th she told us about this little boy that would be due on July 23rd. I told her I just knew he was our son. We were shown on June 18th, matched, and he was born on June 24th! Yes, our adoption journey lasted all of 12 days. Without Karalee and CAC we wouldn’t have our little Myles home with us right now.

Family Fundraiser

I have the most amazing and inspirational family, the Wondras, that I’m currently working with. They have been trying to have a family for many years and their road has been very difficult and full of roadblocks. But their faith never wavers. They know they’ll be parents and they are so full of grace and love and beauty. They are currently matched and have a bit of a financial emergency on their hands. If you feel so moved, please visit either of these two stores – one is an etsy photography story and one is a scrap booking store. (Christmas is coming!!! Great gift ideas!) Both have pledged to donate 50% of all of their profits to this family to help them bring their little one home. If you aren’t able or feel moved in another way, please pray for them and for the little girl who they’re working so hard to bring home. Thank you!
Here are the links:

In honor of National Adoption Month…

I’m so excited to announce that in Honor of National Adoption Month, we’re offering a 10% discount on any of our consulting packages! AND a 20% discount if you sign up for our Minority Adoption program. I’m thrilled to be able to offer this discount in honor of all families like mine who were created through adoption. Email me at And check back SOON for another awesome adoption story. The next one is from my FASTEST adoption ever and one of my most inspirational families. 🙂

Caitlyn’s Story

This is from one of my first “bloggy” friends on my personal blog and favorite clients, Tracy. She and her husband adopted their daughter in three months – here’s their story:

My husband and I learned we had infertility issues and opted for adoption. Unfortunately we chose a bad agency and were chosen by w/an adoption scammer. After that we decided to try fertility treatments and were unsuccesful so we returned to adoption and since we had had such a negative agency experience before chose Christian Adoption Consultants because they look into how honest and ethical each agency they use is. We felt reassured. We also were reassured that we didn’t have to pay money up front since we had been burned before.

After signing up w/CAC,and applying to the agencies they recommended, we were chosen in THREE months which was far quicker than we had expected. That day we had been away at our family’s vacation house in the mountains and we saw a white dove. A white dove in the PA mountains? Not common. We were away w/parents and everyone hoped it was a “sign” and to our surprise it was. That night, a Sunday, we got a call about our daughter.

We went into work on Monday, told our employers, Tuesday flew to Florida where we checked into the hotel, drove to BRU because we had NO baby equipment, and drove to the agency owners home. It was pretty amazing. I had no idea how to burp a baby or feed a baby, but the agency owner showed me. The agency owners husband installed the recently purchased car seat into the rental car. I remember wondering if she was nuts giving people who didn’t now how to do such basic things a child, but they did.

Our daughter Caitlyn is 2 1/2 now, so smart, and a little ball of energy.