I love this family! Theirs is my fastest adoption to date, but it was a long time coming for them. They went through so much pain and a loss that most of us can’t imagine prior to deciding to adopt. They now have a sweet baby boy with the biggest smile ever! I remember, too, how special their adoption was because of how instantly mom knew this little guy was her son. We thought we could never get everything in on time, but it’s amazing what can be done when a Mama is working for her baby! I feel so honored to have been part of their journey but mostly to now consider them friends. Here is Myles’ story:

Our adoption story starts with the loss of our triplets at 20 weeks. We held our children in our arms as they passed away, and I looked at my husband and said never again. We started by pursuing fostering to adopt, but on my birthday we decided to pursue domestic infant adoption. I got serious about it around June 12th, this is also when I contacted Karalee, and signed up with CAC. On June 17th she told us about this little boy that would be due on July 23rd. I told her I just knew he was our son. We were shown on June 18th, matched, and he was born on June 24th! Yes, our adoption journey lasted all of 12 days. Without Karalee and CAC we wouldn’t have our little Myles home with us right now.