A very common issue (I know it was for me!) during the adoption process is the wait time.  It’s so hard to wait.  And to wait.  And wait some more. 🙂  I’ve had so many families talk to me about creating life books during the wait, journaling to their some day baby through the process so they could let them know how they were loved and prayed for and planned for, and I’ve had families who have planted and harvested gardens during the wait.  It’s a tangible thing to hold onto – a concrete way to see that you’re doing something to prepare.  Trees have been planted in a future child’s honor, flower gardens, rock gardens, peace gardens – you name it.

Adoptive Families has an excellent article this month about growing your life while you wait.  I’ll link it HERE.

What did you do while you were waiting?  Did you document the experience for your some day baby?