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Happy New Year!

You’ve been contemplating adoption for some time now, how about making your New Year’s Resolution to GO FOR IT!

Let’s make 2013 the year that you open your home to a child through adoption!
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This time of year can be particularly tough when you’re a prospective adoptive parent waiting “in the trenches.” 🙂  When we adopted our daughter nearly six years ago, we had been through so much during the waiting process and were experiencing a failed match right around the holidays.  It was incredibly painful, and I remember just aching for a child and praying as hard as I have ever prayed in my life for God to be with us, to be with our prospective birth family, and to be with any child who may eventually be ours.  And within weeks of the holidays, we were matched with the most amazing woman who became our daughter’s birth mom.  And in April, days before Easter, our daughter was born.  Two years ago, on this very day, we were waiting for word, any word, about the little boy who was to become our son.  He was born very early and had numerous health issues throughout the first two years of his life.  But today, over these holidays, he is happy and healthy and completely developmentally on target. 

So much of my own experiences in adoption and what I do on a daily basis is the ultimate reminder of the redemption story of Jesus.  Through the most difficult of situations and through very real pain, God creates something beautiful.  I’m reminded of His grace when a family is created even through really difficult circumstances.  I’m reminded of His grace when a brave and selfless woman makes an adoption plan for her child and then tells me that she prays for him every day and is thankful for his mommy and daddy.  I’m reminded of His grace when a childless family holds their baby in their arms for the first time and the most magical of bonds forms – it’s not about biology or about genetics – it’s about love.  The love He first had for us which allows us to love each other.  Most of all, I am personally reminded of His grace when I look into the beautiful faces of my own little miracles.  One born right after Christmas and one right before Easter.  My sweet boy and my precious girl.  They are God’s gifts to me, and I am reminded of the gift of His son and the ultimate sacrifice He made for us.

If you’re waiting this holiday season, I am praying for you.  Know that what He has in store for you is worth every moment of pain, every second of difficulty, every ounce of frustration.  Take a moment to marvel in the majesty of His son’s birth.  Feel the peace that comes only from Him.

I wish you the Merriest of Christmases and a New year full of joy!! 🙂

Positive Adoption Language

I know I’ve posted about this before, but as a mama via adoption myself, it’s something I can’t stress enough.  People say silly things and they don’t necessarily mean anything negative, but words can impact our little ones.  And even more so, our reactions to these comments can impact our little ones.  Before our first daughter was born, we printed off lists and articles like the one I’ve linked to below for our friends and family.  It was an awesome way to feel productive and like we were doing something during the wait and also something that’s served us great since.  Our friends and families have, in turn, become advocates for this positive adoption language to others. 🙂 

HERE is a link to a great article that I read on Parents’ website.