I know I’ve said this more than once, but I absolutely LOVE Adoptive Families magazine (and nope, they’re not paying me to say that 😉 ).  In addition to working as a consultant with Christian Adoption Consultants, I do home studies in my state.  One of the questions we explore most frequently throughout the home study process is how to honor your child’s birth heritage – whether that means talking about their birth families, exploring their culture of origin, or even visiting the area where they were born.  There’s an article in this month’s AF with SO many ways families can incorporate these things into their “regular” lives.  A few include basics like cooking food from their home country (in international adoption, but could also work if your child was born in another part of this country), visiting cultural fairs, making sure your child has toys/books/dolls that accurately portray their heritage.  Just this week, I was as Target and literally, I squealed in the Barbie aisle:)  Mattel is now making a biracial Barbie doll that actually LOOKS like my child…I bought it faster than anything and I’m sure the other shoppers thought I was a nut! 🙂  But, I was SO overjoyed to find a toy that looked like my daughter – and she hasn’t put it down since.

If you’d like to read the AF article, I’ll link it HERE.  I’d love to hear ways you’re honoring your child’s heritage!!