I woke up this morning to the best reminder in the world.  I had an email from one of my adoptive mamas who is still early in the process – working through the home study, filling out paperwork, getting a profile together – and it was the most beautiful thing.  She wrote to me about a conversation she had about the difficulties of the adoption process.  The waiting, obviously, but the uncertainties, the grief and loss the birth families feel and that adoptive families feel for them, the rejection, the fear, and so much more.  And she said her friend talked about all of those things but then reminded her that even in the hardest times, even when we can’t see it, God is working in all things for our good.  I was reminded of my own adoption journey the first time around.  We had experienced a good deal of loss before coming to the process, and we experienced a failed match rather quickly.  It was so much more painful than expected, and I remember doing a great deal of pleading with God and asking Him why.  Then, we found sweet, lovely Amy, who was our CAC consultant, and got started right away.  We were matched within weeks of signing up with the agency our daughter’s birth mama was working with, and even though I was afraid to plunge in again, we went for it.  Our Lily was born just three weeks later, and everything fit perfectly.  Her birth mom is so dear to us, and she said she knew immediately that we were the family for her little girl. 

During the hard times, it’s so difficult to see God’s hand sometimes.  In looking back, I can see that every step, even the painful ones, led us to our girl.  Sometimes, when things get tough, it’s easy to despair, but I was reminded again this morning by this potential adoptive mama that we’re to praise even, maybe even especially, when times get tough.  So often, God has something planned for us that is beyond anything we could have orchestrated ourselves and we just need to get out of his way. 🙂  And remember to praise Him and that’s He is good.  Always good.  Thanks for your heart, Karen, and for the amazing start to my day!!