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MORE Awesome News! :)

Well, this day just keeps getting better! 🙂   In celebration of the launch of our new and greatly improved website, we are thrilled to offer a discount from July 25th-August 5th

10% off Consulting Services
20% off our Minority Program Consulting Services

I love when we offer these discounts!  I know adoption is expensive, and having the opportunity to save some money is always awesome! 🙂  Email me anytime at for more info! 

(Discounts do not apply to Special Needs Adoption Package, DIY package or 2nd Time Client Package)



I’ve been so excited for so long to share some exciting news with you…no, we’re not adopting again….yet. 🙂  But, we’ve just undergone a MAJOR renovation over at our Christian Adoption Consultants website.  The new site is absolutely amazing and has SO many new features – client stories, examples of profiles, information about the services we offer, but also interactive sections, a page full of videos, ministry information, and SO MUCH MORE!  Thanks so much to all of my families who offered photos, shared their testimonies and stories!

Come check out the new site HERE!!  I’d love to hear your feedback and input, so share your comments by clicking the little box at the top right of this post.  For current families, we’re starting a section just for you!  Email me for the password, and you’ll experience a section of message boards and much more content personalized just for you and where you are in the adoption process.

Such an exciting new step – come check it out! 🙂

Pre-Adoption (Maternity-Style) Photography

I have just gotten into something (via Pinterest, which you know I’m crazy about 😉 ) that makes me SO happy!!  Have you all seen the new trend in “maternity” photography?  Families are doing adoption maternity photos – so while they’re waiting to bring home their little one, they have a photography session that showcases their time “expecting.”  I absolutely love this.  It’s different to wait for a child you’re adopting, sure.  But, it’s also very much the same.  We prepare little nurseries and pray for our babies health and for a successful delivery, we start reading STACKS of parenting books and start little libraries for our babies.  We feel our hearts surge with excitement and the desire to hold our sweet babies for the first time.  I love that it’s being documented.  What an awesome celebration of family!

I’ve started a Pinterest board with examples of adoption photography (some are once the baby is home, but a bunch are during the wait), if you’d like to get some ideas OR if you just want to get all teary eyed over the beauty of love 🙂  You can find the board HERE.

Congratulations Jennifer and Wesley!


Oftentimes in this work, I learn so much more from my families about trust and faith and walking God’s path than I could ever have imagined.  Jennifer and Wesley contacted me and got signed up in mid-February.  They had already been walking a difficult path in their adoption journey and felt like they needed a fresh start.  They matched with their daughter’s birth mom pretty quickly and their sweet girl was born in mid-May.  They endured many hardships in their wait for this precious daughter.  I won’t go into personal details – it’s their story to tell – but the grace and beauty with which Jennifer handled things that I can’t imagine enduring brought me to tears more than once.  Their story is a reminder to hold on even when things look impossible and even when it hurts to hold on so tightly.  It’s also a reminder of how God holds us when we can’t go on and how His strength gives us more than we ever thought possible.  I remember saying to her more than once how in awe of her strength I was – every time something difficult happened, she turned to her Bible and her devotions and found what she needed to go on.  And now, she’s at home with her sweet family – certainly a testimony, Jennifer! 🙂  I love this sweet family and am so honored to share this photo with you – Welcome home, precious girl!   Lots and lots of love to you all!

Letting Go

I just had to share this comment I got from this lovely new mama regarding what she wishes she would have known before starting the adoption process.  She says:

I wish I had known that my heart was much stronger than I thought it was from the very beginning. The whole process was a total walk of faith! God knew all along that I would be able to handle much more than I thought I could, but I didn’t have the faith in myself. The control freak in me wanted to over analyze every single thing and control every single thing….you can stop laughing now! I now know that with adoption, trying to control everything just doesn’t work. Our journey taught me so much about myself. Once I figured out the only way to get through the process with any sort of sanity left was to have an open heart and an open mind, everything fell into place. I surprised myself with how well I handled things with our birth family. Now looking back I can see why everything happened when it did because it all lead up to our perfect little girl. I just wish I had decided to have an open heart and open mind from the very beginning. :) Now I know for next time!! Haha!

I LOVE this!!  I know I fall victim to this often – I think I can hold onto the reins and not give God control.  What I forget is that His plan is always, always better than mine. 🙂

I’ll be sharing more of these tips as they come in – there are already a few awesome ones in the comments of the last post.

Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July!!  I spent mine hunkered down by the window with my sweet 2 year old in my lap – ears plugged and safely inside away from all the “scary uh-ohs,” as he called them. 😉  Couldn’t imagine a better way!

I Wish I Had Known…

I’d love to get some discussion going here, so please feel free to comment! 🙂  I’d love to hear what you wish you would have known before starting the adoption process.  It absolutely doesn’t have to be CAC related – it can be regarding the home study process, domestic vs. international adoption, post adoption depression – whatever!! 

I know personally, before we adopted the first time, I wish I had a better understanding of how tough the wait would be.  I know it’s naive, but when people told me the process could be tough, I’m telling ya, I thought they meant the paperwork! 🙂  The paperwork was a breeze for a Type A personality like me.  I wasn’t prepared for how difficult moments of the wait felt.  Waiting for our profile to be shown, relying on God when we weren’t chosen, then waiting for our daughter (and then son) to be born and praying that they were okay and that their birth families were okay.  It was such a time of trial, but also a time of so much trust and learning to rely solely on God.  It’s one of those things that can’t be taught – I couldn’t be told prior to experiencing it, but looking back, our waiting periods in both adoptions had God’s fingerprints all over them.  I hear every adoptive family say it, and I believe it 100% – God has a plan for you and for the precious babies and families making adoption plans.  When the waiting period is hard, remember that the children meant for us, come to us.

What are things you wish you had known or focused more on during the adoption process?