I just had to share this comment I got from this lovely new mama regarding what she wishes she would have known before starting the adoption process.  She says:

I wish I had known that my heart was much stronger than I thought it was from the very beginning. The whole process was a total walk of faith! God knew all along that I would be able to handle much more than I thought I could, but I didn’t have the faith in myself. The control freak in me wanted to over analyze every single thing and control every single thing….you can stop laughing now! I now know that with adoption, trying to control everything just doesn’t work. Our journey taught me so much about myself. Once I figured out the only way to get through the process with any sort of sanity left was to have an open heart and an open mind, everything fell into place. I surprised myself with how well I handled things with our birth family. Now looking back I can see why everything happened when it did because it all lead up to our perfect little girl. I just wish I had decided to have an open heart and open mind from the very beginning. :) Now I know for next time!! Haha!

I LOVE this!!  I know I fall victim to this often – I think I can hold onto the reins and not give God control.  What I forget is that His plan is always, always better than mine. 🙂

I’ll be sharing more of these tips as they come in – there are already a few awesome ones in the comments of the last post.

Hope you enjoyed your 4th of July!!  I spent mine hunkered down by the window with my sweet 2 year old in my lap – ears plugged and safely inside away from all the “scary uh-ohs,” as he called them. 😉  Couldn’t imagine a better way!