Oftentimes in this work, I learn so much more from my families about trust and faith and walking God’s path than I could ever have imagined.  Jennifer and Wesley contacted me and got signed up in mid-February.  They had already been walking a difficult path in their adoption journey and felt like they needed a fresh start.  They matched with their daughter’s birth mom pretty quickly and their sweet girl was born in mid-May.  They endured many hardships in their wait for this precious daughter.  I won’t go into personal details – it’s their story to tell – but the grace and beauty with which Jennifer handled things that I can’t imagine enduring brought me to tears more than once.  Their story is a reminder to hold on even when things look impossible and even when it hurts to hold on so tightly.  It’s also a reminder of how God holds us when we can’t go on and how His strength gives us more than we ever thought possible.  I remember saying to her more than once how in awe of her strength I was – every time something difficult happened, she turned to her Bible and her devotions and found what she needed to go on.  And now, she’s at home with her sweet family – certainly a testimony, Jennifer! 🙂  I love this sweet family and am so honored to share this photo with you – Welcome home, precious girl!   Lots and lots of love to you all!