I have just gotten into something (via Pinterest, which you know I’m crazy about 😉 ) that makes me SO happy!!  Have you all seen the new trend in “maternity” photography?  Families are doing adoption maternity photos – so while they’re waiting to bring home their little one, they have a photography session that showcases their time “expecting.”  I absolutely love this.  It’s different to wait for a child you’re adopting, sure.  But, it’s also very much the same.  We prepare little nurseries and pray for our babies health and for a successful delivery, we start reading STACKS of parenting books and start little libraries for our babies.  We feel our hearts surge with excitement and the desire to hold our sweet babies for the first time.  I love that it’s being documented.  What an awesome celebration of family!

I’ve started a Pinterest board with examples of adoption photography (some are once the baby is home, but a bunch are during the wait), if you’d like to get some ideas OR if you just want to get all teary eyed over the beauty of love 🙂  You can find the board HERE.