I’ve been so excited for so long to share some exciting news with you…no, we’re not adopting again….yet. 🙂  But, we’ve just undergone a MAJOR renovation over at our Christian Adoption Consultants website.  The new site is absolutely amazing and has SO many new features – client stories, examples of profiles, information about the services we offer, but also interactive sections, a page full of videos, ministry information, and SO MUCH MORE!  Thanks so much to all of my families who offered photos, shared their testimonies and stories!

Come check out the new site HERE!!  I’d love to hear your feedback and input, so share your comments by clicking the little box at the top right of this post.  For current families, we’re starting a section just for you!  Email me for the password, and you’ll experience a section of message boards and much more content personalized just for you and where you are in the adoption process.

Such an exciting new step – come check it out! 🙂