Lots of you are my facebook buddies, so you know I’m obsessed with Jen Hatmaker.  I want to be her friend. 🙂  In all seriousness, she is a Christian author and her family adopted two kiddos internationally two years ago.  She recently reposting a blog she had written just a month after the kids came home.  The theme is one that any of us who are adoptive parents or who long to be parents via adoption can appreciate.  It deals with the idea that God isn’t done yet.  

So many of my conversations with parents waiting can be full of emotion – when is our child coming?  What path does God want me to follow?  How do I do His will?  Should I listen to this voice in my heart telling me YES when friends and family and the world is telling me this is too scary?  Jen talks about waiting on God and listening to Him and remembering that in those dark times, God’s just not finished yet.  He has work to do and just because you can’t see His plan in this exact moment, doesn’t mean it won’t be revealed at some point.

With our son’s adoption, specifically, we were presented with his case and it was VERY risky.  There were possible health issues, lots of legal issues, etc. but his birth mom fell in love with us and we with her.  The second I heard about his case, I knew he was going to be my son. I knew.  So, we stepped out in faith even though we knew there was great risk involved.  There were moments of doubt, sure, and lots of tough times, but God wasn’t through with us yet.  He had something to teach us and things that He wanted us to wait for.

If you’re in “the wait,” and having a hard time, read Jen’s blog HERE.  If you’re not, read it anyway.  🙂

Enjoy your weekend!!