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Congratulations, Chris and Meg!!

Congratulations, Chris and Meg!!

Look at how much love is in those faces!! So beautiful! Chris and Meg got started with us in August after enduring some very difficult experiences. They matched with their birth mom in November and their sweet baby girl was born in early December. Talk about a whirlwind! And they, of course, just happened to have an anniversary trip and the holidays thrown into the mix. We have to just laugh at God’s perfect timing, right? 🙂

It never, ever ceases to amaze me how much God teaches me about love and patience and His ability to bring healing and beauty out of some of the most trying times in our lives. This family is such an example of God’s grace and love, and it brings me so much joy to welcome this precious girl into the world! She is a beautiful little miracle, and I’m so honored and happy to say congratulations and many, many blessings, sweet family! 🙂

Prayed for and Pursued…

If you have any free time at all today, take a few minutes and watch this video. It chronicles a couple’s journey from the airport to the hospital to meet their son for the first time, and it’s one of the most moving things I’ve ever seen!! I love what they say about every mile they cross is closing the distance between them and their son. They say that God didn’t want them to wait all those years for a baby just arbitrarily. No, it was that they were waiting for their son. This boy who God chose for their family. I talk to adoptive families all the time and this is a common theme. I know we believe it with our own children – these are the babies God meant for our family. I’d do all the waiting again – all of the tears, all of the anxious nights and paperwork and fundraising and on-our-knees praying because it led us to exactly the place we were meant to be. Like this family says, what a privilege to, in a small way, live out the gospel. Love that so much!! Enjoy!! (And grab a few tissues!! 😉