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Unexpected Blessings

When we were preparing to adopt for the first time, so many people gave me so much advice.  Things to say or not say, checklists to cross off and LOADS of paperwork to complete…and I was expecting all of that.  I was even ready for a wait (though we didn’t wait long, thanks mostly to us being CAC clients) and for the difficult moments of the process.  What I didn’t expect was the sense of community.  I kept a personal blog back then and I followed SO many other families going through similar struggles.  Some were  adopting domestically, some internationally, some were contemplating fertility treatments, and some had just learned they’d lost a child they’d prayed and waited for for more time than they could have imagined.  We were a little community.  Purely online, but reaching out across states and through cities – being there for each other when people in our “real” lives didn’t really understand and didn’t know what to say.  Thanks to social media , I’m still “friends” with many of these amazing women, and I get to see Gotcha Day photos and birthday pictures of these children.  These precious miracles that our online community prayed for and cried for and virtually embraced as our own  because we felt like we were in it together.

As an adoption consultant now, I feel like I experience this every single day.  I am so blessed to be part of my families’ adoption journeys.  I love getting birth announcements, Christmas cards and photos of finalizations and pictures of milestones – there are no words to express what it means.  When you adopt, you become part of a community.  Part of a family of people who “get it.”  People who understand when you express grief over that moment you watched your child’s first mom leave the hospital.  People whose hearts race nearly as quickly as yours when you announce that you got “the call!”  People who love your children and marvel in the beauty of who they are because they know how much you wanted and prayed for them, what you sacrificed and how they have changed your heart forever.  How much these precious children have taught us all about God’s love for us, His redemption.

I’m so thankful for these unexpected blessings.  For the Christian Adoption Consultants family and for the adoption community, in general, who have embraced my children and celebrated and cried and loved with me.  Thank you to my families who have opened their lives and hearts to me and who will always be so dear to me.  Thank you so my online blog friends who held me up during the rough times and continue to share their lives  and hearts. On this cold and snowy morning, I’m overwhelmed by God’s love for us and by all of the blessings He has poured out on me through the adoption community.  We are truly blessed! 🙂

Congratulations, Christina and Phil!



Look at this little beauty!   Sweet Madeline is the result of so many prayers, hours spent waiting and hoping – she is a true testimony to the endurance God places in our hearts when we are meant to pursue adoption. I’ve had a few families say lately that they get discouraged when they see how quickly placements happen for others.  Trust me when I say that even when it’s hard, even when the wait seems so long and you endure a failed match or your profile is shown so many times and never chosen – this is what is waiting for you at the end of your journey!   It has been my true honor to help this family bring this precious girl home.  So very happy for you, Phil and Christina! What a tremendous blessing! 🙂