I have the great honor of featuring today on the blog a family who is not just a former client, but who have become such dear people to me.  That’s one of the absolute bonuses of adoption – this amazing community! 🙂 Their story is one of renewed faith and watching God get them through very difficult times in order to bring them the miracle He had in store for them.  Here is their story in their words:

My husband and I were told that it “may” be challenging to become pregnant. All the doctors and specialists were right, it was challenging. But we wanted to become parents SO badly, that the trips to doctors, the shots, the tests, the blood work, ultrasounds, stress, canceled plans and loads of money were all going to be worth it. In 2007, I started to research adoption because, well, maybe adoption was our path to parenthood. Needless to say, that research stopped because I got pregnant. The pregnancy didn’t sustain and although broken hearted, we decided to pursue fertility treatments because I could get pregnant after all. However, my medical condition grew more complicated. And in 2011, there was no more hope of having a biological baby. To be honest, I lost my faith. I felt that The Lord abandon me. I couldn’t understand why this was happening. I was teetering on faith and I needed something or someone to lead me. To help me. My husband always mentioned adoption but during the treatments, I pushed his comments aside. The cycle over four years; deep sadness followed by hope followed by anticipation followed by a pregnancy followed by loss. I grieved. I begged. I bargained. Why wasn’t I a parent? But I was. I am a mom to four unborn children. The love I felt for each one allowed me to pour over information about adoption. I found CAC and sent Karalee our first email. She was helpful, kind, supportive and became a true friend. She was a beacon of light. She helped me restore my faith in The Lord because He sent her to me.  I went back to church, became a social butterfly once again and found hope in our situation. He had a plan and I needed to trust in that plan. Together, we did it. That drive to be a mom was still there. I was going to be a mother. My husband a father.  Our journey to parenthood was not over, in fact it was just beginning thanks to The Lord sending us Karalee!

Once we found Karalee and CAC, the journey to our baby was wonderful. It was less stressful than our fertility treatments. And full of hope. Honestly, pursuing adoption was more easier on my body, heart and mind. I no longer carried the issues of infertility from day to day. We left that behind. I could look in the mirror and could stop hating my body; we weren’t fighting anymore ( I have a more loving relationship with my body now) I became whole with adoption, which allowed me to treasure our adoption journey. We signed with CAC in January of 2012 and with the agency in October of 2012. We got a call on 2/23/13 that we were chosen. It. Was. Amazing. To. Hear. Those. Words. We said yes to many situations and we weren’t chosen all those times because HE had a baby just for us. Our son is the most amazing baby born out of love, hope and promises made by two families. Throughout our journey, Karalee was right along with us. I sent sooooo many emails with questions about all the different possibilities, the varying processes  and she was ALWAYS there for us. We had no idea what to expect but her faith showered upon us. We I are SO thankful for her guidance and support. We love her.

Isn’t that amazing?  So many times we hear stories of matches and placements happening so quickly and it can be discouraging when it’s taking longer for your family.  But, take heart!  This family, looking back, can see God’s hand in the way their adoption journey unfolded.  And now they have this precious boy!  Here’s a recent photo of the family at their son’s baptism – so fitting to share after this beautiful story!  Thank you so much, Ali and Cris for sharing your hearts and your story with us! 🙂  Love you guys!!