If you follow me on Facebook or have read this blog, you know I’m a little obsessed with Jen Hatmaker.  She is hilarious and has such a heart for Jesus and for adoption.  She and a big group of her friends are in Rwanda currently for Noonday.  What is that, you ask?  It’s a jewelry company founded by a woman with a passion for adoption.  She wanted to raise money to bring her son home, so she launched a line of jewelry.  They now are a large organization focused on fair trade, on empowering woman in impoverished areas by giving them the means to make a fair wage and find a way out of poverty, and on helping keep families together or helping families find each other.  Hosting a Noonday trunk show is an amazing way to make some money for your adoption. Not only can you have a fantastic time having a little party with your girls, but you can have the confidence of knowing you’re making an actual difference in the world with your purchase AND Noonday gives 15% back to adoptive families!!  So – get this – a fun party, beautiful and funky jewelry AND a way to raise money for your adoption. I absolutely love this and you can count on me for  a purchase if you do decide to host a show:)

Let me say, too, I am in NO way affiliated with Noonday – I’m not an ambassador, I’m not getting anything out of this.  I just absolutely love this group and I think it’s a fantastic way not only to raise some money for your adoption but to help women around the globe in poverty.  For more information about hosting a show, click HERE.