“Because people are valuable and their hearts are precious, we do our best to develop accurate language around the matters of adoption.  For instance…

We don’t say “Put their baby up for adoption….” – we say “Made an adoption plan.”

We’ve dealt with positive adoption language here on this blog before, and recently, I had a very personal experience with it.  For the first time, my daughter came home and told me someone in her class asked her where her “real mom” is.  My heart sank.  I hate that I can’t protect her from things like this.  I hate that I can’t educate all the other kids out there and let them know what language is hurtful to our family.  BUT, you know what?  My girl rocks so hard! 🙂  I said, “Lily, what did you say when he asked you that?”  And she replied (without missing a single beat), “I told him he obviously doesn’t know the right language.  I told him what he meant to ask me is where my birth mother is.  And I told him my adoption story.”  That girl is confident in her origins and in her place in this world.  My seven year old did some educating of her own and was confident enough to do so and then come home and tell me all about it.  I love the line above – people are valuable and their hearts are precious.  They are so, so precious.

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