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Digital Family Reunion…Take Two

I said it before, but I can’t say it enough – one of the greatest joys of this job is getting to watch these beautiful miracle babies grow up.  I had a moment on Christmas Day when I looked at my mantle, where we pin up our Christmas cards, and my heart wanted to burst because it was covered with cards from families that I’ve worked with.  What an awesome blessing!  And some of those sweet babies are not babies anymore! I just simply don’t understand how that can be when I haven’t aged a single day 😉  I want to share with you our second installment of the Christian Adoption Consultants Digital Family Reunion.  Click on the link below to see some gorgeous families – I’ll include one of my favorites here, as well!


Congratulations, Bobby and Katie!


Bobby and Katie got started with us in July, were matched in September and welcomed this little beauty into their family this week. Could there be a more perfect way to start the new year?  It was such an honor to watch them form a relationship with their daughter’s birth mom, to see them support and encourage her in such a selfless way, and to be able support them through the past few months.  The love that just radiates from this photo brings tears to my eyes.  Welcome home, sweet girl!

Every Three and A Half Days!

I just read this amazing post on our CAC official blog – I’m moved beyond words.  We’ve been reflecting on where we’ve been and where we’re going, and we realized that at CAC, every three and a half days we have a family who meets their son or daughter.  I am so in awe of our God and the way he sets the lonely in families.  I feel so blessed and honored to get to do this work! Check out the entire post here: