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Congratulations, Patrick and Carlee!


Look at this precious boy!  Patrick and Carlee were home study approved in September, matched with this sweet guy’s birth mama in December and welcomed him home in early March.  It’s always such an honor for me to watch families love on their child’s birth family, and this couple showed her so much love and support.  It’s truly amazing to watch God bring not only a child home, but to oftentimes create a new support system for a woman who is very much in need of one.  He truly brings beauty from the ashes and provides redemption for his children when they most need it.  Welcome to the world, sweet boy!  And congratulations, Patrick and Carlee!  So blessed to have been part of your beautiful story!

Getting to the “other side”

This idea has been on my mind so much lately.  Walking with families through their adoption journey is not something I take lightly because I’ve been right where they are.  I know what it is to wait.  To wait for your home study to be completed.  To wait to be presented to a situation.  To wait for an expectant mom to choose you…or not.  And then to start waiting again.  And I know I’ve said to a few families just today – it’s WORTH it.  I remember after the pain of infertility just praying that the Lord would make me a mother.  Praying and praying without ceasing.  I remember wishing that adoption was as simple as labor seemed (mamas with bio babies, don’t get me wrong, labor looks like NO fun!!) because at least at the end of the painful physical labor, you know your baby will be there.  Adoption can be hard.  That’s the truth.  It’s emotional and it’s hard work.  It’s your labor, adoptive mamas.  Your labor that goes on for months sometimes.  But, all things that are worth having are worth working for.  I would go through every single moment of my wait again, every painful part of infertility again because it led me to my babies. I want to share these beautiful words from a client and sweet friend, Melissa.  I’ve featured her on the blog before, but I have to share this:

“Our adoption process has been one of the most meaningful, profound and beautiful experiences of our lives. So many times it felt like we may never make it to “this side” of the journey. The questions felt too hard, the financial burden felt too heavy, the wait felt too long. But the Lord sustained us and provided everything we needed; strength, endurance, energy, money, support, encouragement, peace, and a million other things you don’t realize you will need until you’re in the trenches of this process. We have learned more through this journey than we ever could’ve imagined we would. We have loved hard and grieved deep. We have been stretched and broken and remade. We have experienced the most glorious picture of hope and redemption, of beauty from ashes.
We still cannot grasp the magnitude of the honor we have received in getting to be mommy and daddy to this little girl. Her life is a miracle, and being entrusted to raise her is an unfathomable gift. We will never be able to express our gratitude to our birth mom for choosing us. She is a strong, loving, courageous, brave and beautiful woman. Our love for her is fierce and endless. We are blessed to know her, and honored to be a part of her life and to call her friend.
Esme has been the perfect addition to our family. We praise God for her life and for bringing her home to us. She is WAY beyond “worth” all of the process to get to her; our efforts, our prayers, our sleepless nights, our energy, our sacrifices. She is the baby we hoped and prayed for. And now, looking back, I catch my breath in awe that we are here, that she is home, and that she is ours. Forever.”
Adoption is a story of pain.  Of heartache.  But ultimately, it’s a story of redemption. Of unbelievable sacrifice.  It’s a reminder that our God gives us beauty from the ashes.  And that every difficult moment is worth it in the end.  Like any mother who labors, the pain is diminished by the love. Look at this beautiful, beautiful girl.  I’m beside myself with the honor of getting to know her amazing and strong mama.  Of getting to walk this path with her.
Esme fischerfam