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Congratulations, Tim and Wendy!

I couldn’t possibly tell Tim and Wendy’s story as well as they have, so I’ll let her own words tell you about the past few weeks:

We came to Florida to meet our potential birth mom and await delivery on May 5th.  She was due May 9th. Josiah Andrew was born 9 days past due on May 18th at 2:03 PM, weighing 9lbs 2oz and measuring 22 1/2 inches long.  We got to meet and spend time with his birth mom and dad, half-sister, and maternal grandma before he was born.  At the birthing center we also met his paternal grandparents and an aunt and uncle who came to meet him.  His birth mom did amazing and invited me into the room just minutes after he was born to meet him and cut the cord.  I held her hand and it was a moment that I can’t adequately describe but will never forget.  The journey to a second child has been long and filled with things that I have wanted to change, that have been painful, frustrating, and hard.  And yet God took those things and used them to create a moment that was so beautiful, where two families came together in joy and pain and hugged, kissed, cried and blessed each other, even though we had just met.  It gave me yet another glimpse into how amazing God is, to create such beauty from things I don’t like or understand.  And one day I will get to tell my son that he was so loved that his birth family came to see and hold and take pictures of him.  He is perfect. 

What a beautiful testimony!  I love that our God is a God who takes the difficult and the painful and turns them into beauty. He really is working for our good, even when we don’t like the way He’s going about it because we don’t understand the big picture.  And that moment of sharing the birth of your child with the woman who gave him/her life – I can’t describe it, either.  It’s the most sacred moment.  Two families coming together – out of intense pain and grief – but they become knit together through the most beautiful of God’s creations – a newborn baby.  Congratulations, sweet family.  Welcome to the world, precious boy!sewell

SPRING into Adoption!

This spring has been absolutely beautiful.  I love this time of year.  The blue skies, the blooming flowers – proof in God’s creation of rebirth and fresh starts.  This spring at CAC has also been amazingly beautiful.  I’ve gotten to watch the Lord bring new babies into homes that had prayed and hoped and yearned for them.  What a perfect time of year for a brand new life! Last month, Christian Adoption Consultants had 33 families grow through adoptions. 20 of our families were matched with a brave and courageous expectant mother and 13 babies were born into their adoptive families. That’s over a baby a day!


Over the last nine years, hundreds of families have chosen Christian Adoption Consultants to help them on their journey to adopt. Our passionate and Christ-centered approach offers support and guidance to adoptive couples.

Christian Adoption Consultants wants to help families who are ready to “spring” into adoption by offering a $100 discount. Any new families who sign up between May 13-15th will receive $100 off of our full service consulting packages. (This discount does not apply to our self serve consulting package, returning families, or special needs consulting packages). For more information about our services or the domestic adoption process, in general, email me at


Welcome to the world, Elena!

I’ve been trying to write this post for so many days, and the words just don’t feel like enough!  They can’t express enough the love I feel for this family, the amazing way they lived out their faith every single day of their adoption journey, and what they taught me about our God and the way He loves.  Kate and Jeremy came to CAC after enduring some pretty tough things on their adoption journey.  We were a team from day one but that partnership evolved into such a beautiful friendship!  I say it all the time, but this community is one of the absolutely best things about adoption – working with other mamas with such hearts for their babies, with such fierce determination to bring home a child that they have dreamed of but of whom they have no details yet – it’s one of the greatest blessings of my life.  This family did some amazing fundraising – they raised SO much money in a fairly short amount of time.  They were strong and lifted one another up in the difficult moments.  Let’s be real – in most of our adoption journeys there have been moments where we’ve questioned if we can handle this.  Will there be enough money?  What if we never get chosen?  What if it’s too hard?  What if my heart breaks and then breaks again?  In every one of those moments, Kate and Jeremy looked to each other but most importantly, they looked to God – our Father, the One who will never leave, who is always constant, who calls us to things and then walks us through them when we can’t take another step.  All of the tough steps led them right here – to this beautiful, precious baby girl.Wenzels I’m hoping Kate will share more of her own story here soon, so I’m going to stick to the basics here.  And actually, I’ll go ahead and just use some of her words here now 😉

Elena was born April 13th. She is a dream, a miracle, our princess and the greatest gift. Her birth mom will forever be our hero- her selflessness and courage is unmatched. And we will forever praise our God for calling us to adoption and gracing us with our little Elena!

Beautiful baby girl, you are so loved by so many!  Those big brothers of yours are going to take such care of you! Thank you, sweet family, for allowing me to be part of your adoption journey and for becoming such a precious part of my life.  I love you! (and I mean it! 😉 )