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Congratulations, John and Kelsey!

TheaGod’s timing and the way He shows us how small the world can be always amazes me.  I started working with John and Kelsey in the fall.  We quickly realized that they live in my home town!  We have friends in common, actually, even though we didn’t know each other.  What are the odds???

This family is awesome.  They did some amazing fundraising in order to bring their girl home and trusted God every single step of the way.  They knew He would provide and stepped out in faith even before all the pieces were in place.  They started with CAC in September, were home study approved in early November and matched incredibly quickly – on Jan. 2!  What a way to ring in the New Year!

Some of the most amazing details in their story are best told by Kelsey herself:

It was a wild ride the day Thea was born but God perfectly worked it all out. Just a quick part because I love this so much: we were in Detroit for a layover after she had been born and we were on our way down. We got a call from the agency and some things were getting pieced together so we were a bit worried and talking about it. A lady right behind us popped her head over the seats where we were sitting and said “I’m sorry for eavesdropping but we adopted these two girls 9 years ago from birth and I know exactly what you are going through. Just relax and know God will work everything out.” God totally sent her to us at such the perfect time! We just kind of laughed because God was being so obvious in his comforting.

He speaks to us so loudly when we are still enough to listen! How much do I love the fact that our God is still speaking to His children?  “God was being so obvious in His comforting.”  Makes me want to just sit and praise!  More from Kelsey:

Thea was born on the 8th and had to be immediately flown to another hospital so her birth mom hardly got to see her and still signed the papers only 12 hours after giving birth so we could be with her. We knew God was asking us to open ourselves further than we thought we were comfortable and so we invited her down to stay a few days. Those were some of the most rewarding days and our open adoption has been an incredible journey! Thea is thriving at home in the chaos of her siblings and being absolutely loved on by her new church family.

I love this so much!!  First of all, what a testimony to a birth mother’s love – she signed the papers so quickly and was willing to forgo her time with this precious baby because she knew it was best not only for the baby, but for the adoptive family.  How amazing is that?  Then, spurred by God’s prompting, the family gave up their own comfort and opened their hearts to something they didn’t think they would – an open relationship with their daughter’s birth mom. And they’ve been rewarded – the relationship has enhanced not only the birth mom’s life, but this family’s life, as well.  Adoption is amazing – the way it opens hearts and changes perspectives – I’ll never get over it.

It has been an absolute honor and privilege to get to know this family and to walk their adoption journey alongside them, but more importantly, it’s been amazing to see our Creator walk alongside them!  Welcome to the world, sweet baby girl!  You are so very loved!

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Congratulations, Kara and Mike!

I’m SO far behind in my congratulations posts!  I apologize to all of you awesome families who are waiting to see your beautiful baby up here – we have had a serious baby boom lately, so I’ve been wrapped up in home studies and matches and coaching families through birth mama conference calls and praising like crazy when these precious lives come into the world.  Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE this work?? 🙂

This sweet boy, Bradley, joined his family on May 10 – Mother’s Day.  Can you imagine a more perfectly amazing Mother’s Day gift?  I couldn’t be more thrilled for this family.  So much love surrounds him – he was so wanted, so prayed for, and so loved from the second he was conceived. Congratulations, Kara and Mike and your entire family!  Thanks so much for letting me be part of your journey!