Today has been so beautiful.  I finished a home study update for a family whose little boy is waiting to come home from Taiwan.  I woke up to the most amazing text from my son’s birth mom.  She told me how much she loves the new pics I sent of our boy and how she thanks God every day for bringing us into her life.  Not just into our son’s life, but into her life.  My heart wants to overflow just typing that here.  And then I opened my email a few minutes ago to a picture of this sweet boy:

isaakI can’t even handle the cuteness.  That face!  All the newborn preciousness.  This is the brand new son of a family I had the honor of meeting in December of 2014.  They came to me after some pretty tough life experiences and were terrified that they wouldn’t be able to adopt.  They had been told by many other places that it wouldn’t be possible or that the wait would be incredibly long.  But, God had other plans for them.  They signed up with Christian Adoption Consultants Christian Adoption Consultants in December.  They were home study ready and started applying to agencies in the spring and were matched with this sweet boy’s birth mama in June and he was born just weeks later. When I got the call from them saying their little guy was officially theirs, I couldn’t help but go back to our original conversations.  The agony of years spent hoping to be parents.  The fear of never being chosen.  But, more than any of that, the faith that God was bigger than all of their doubts and that all of their obstacles.  I am so in awe of the way He brings families together.

This family was also floored by the love they felt immediately for their sweet boy’s birth family.  Mom writes, “It was all just a mind-blowing experience… full of God’s grace… not awkward really at all… and had a “this feels right” feeling through out our hospital interaction— even though our hearts were really broken for the birth family.   The love that they had for this baby boy was overwhelming.  What a great responsibility we have- we were CHOSEN and entrusted to be “the best”… and we are going to spend a lifetime striving for that!” I so often hear that theme repeated – the awkwardness that’s feared when it comes to birth parent interaction absolutely melts away.  The amazing love they feel for their children and that is forged between the families leaves me in awe.  It’s a beautiful thing.

I have to finish with what this precious boy’s mom wrote to me this morning:

“Every ounce of me that once preferred the “old fashioned way” of starting a family is gone. He is what I was waiting for.  God just knew before I did.”

He always does.  🙂