I can’t even get over the beauty of these stories.  They are precious and sacred, and I’m so honored to even get to read them.  I’m overwhelmed, this morning, by what adoption is to me.  I feel so incredibly blessed by the path my own life has taken through the adoption of my own children.  Adoption truly is beauty through the ashes, it’s the ultimate redemption.  There is pain from all sides, yes.  And to ignore that or to brush it aside is doing all of us a disservice.  BUT, the joy that comes through that pain…the absolute privilege it is to walk the path of adoption alongside our children’s first mamas, alongside our own communities, and as advocates and warriors for our children…there just isn’t anything better.  My heart is overflowing with love and astonishment that I get to do this every single day.  Thank you for sharing these amazing stories.  The first is from a sweet family whose precious girl is about to be ONE!.  I love getting to watch these babies turn into beautiful little people!  The second is a little reflection from a family currently in the wait.  And the third is from an awesome family who adopted their daughter five years ago (oh my goodness, how the time FLIES!)  Enjoy!

fischersWritten on November 9, 2015 in honor of World Adoption Day.

Last year, on this day, we had just returned home from Florida where we had met our expectant birth mom and the babe she carried, whom we hoped would be ours. Even then, before we had “officially” become adoptive parents, the adoption process had made the deepest and most profound imprint on our hearts. I sit here today, with our 10.5 month old adoptive daughter, and I cannot put into words how much deeper and more profound that impact is today.

Adoption is hard. It’s heartbreaking. It’s expensive. It’s scary. It’s vulnerable. But it is so much more than those things. It’s redemptive. It’s rewarding. It’s eye-opening. It’s heart-opening. It’s soul-opening. It’s beautiful. I will always be so honored God chose us to adopt our precious, sweet Esme. I will always love, cherish and respect her birth mother who chose us to be her forever family. I will always advocate for those who are willing to step out and pursue adoption because each and every child deserves a loving forever family, and I long to live in a world where there are no more orphans! Let’s all get on board. For more about Esme’s story, click here.

Adoption Photo ShootThrough what we’ve learned in the waiting stage of our journey, adoption is not just about our desire to be parents and a means to an end. It’s the bigger picture of showing God’s love to everyone who comes across our path in the process, no matter what happens. We think that adoption is a gift that is freely given, just like God has done for us. There will be pain and loss in it, but also so much love and joy to go around, as two families grow bonded together through this child. We look forward to what God has in store for us in the years to come! For the rest of this couple’s journey to their daughter, click here.

 Family Fall 2015

I am so grateful for the role that you played in helping us navigate this adoption journey. When we came to CAC, our hearts were broken from two painful failed adoption attempts with a private attorney. Needless to say, when we found our way to you, we were fragile and quite anxious about what the next road in our journey would look like.
We cannot thank you enough for your compassion, your wisdom and your insight. We were blessed to be in the delivery room when our miracle was born and have been amazed at the young girl she has become. Our daughter is five-years-old now and is the light of our lives. She lives with such a sense of joy and adventure and has inspired us to do the same. My heart swells just knowing how God chose her to be our daughter and how he placed such love in our birth mother’s heart to choose adoption.
For those of you who are on the journey to adoption, I pray that God will give you a peace in preparing your heart for the child He has chosen for you. The adoption process is one of many obstacles, challenges, risk, vulnerability and oftentimes, heartbreak, but I promise you, it will all be worth it when you hold your precious miracle in your arms for the first time. God is so good!
-The Wyatt Family