Following the birth in August of the third baby welcomed to our family via adoption, I’m so reflective about the adoption process from not just a professional standpoint as an adoption consultant, but from a personal one.  As I reflect on different parts of the adoption process, I have a few families who would like to share stories with you about their adoption finalization.  Finalization happens weeks to months after a child is placed in your home.  After post-placement visits and legal filings – it’s the moment a judge declares what you’ve known in your heart since the second you met your little one – he or she is your child.  They are the same legally, emotionally, spiritually as a child born to you biologically.  Enjoy a few beautiful  reflections from some of my Christian Adoption Consultants families and friends:

We’re in WI and finalized here. My husband and I both had to testify which was really moving and I cried. My brother was our attorney and my parents came to court with us. It was amazing. -Emily
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Ours was over the phone but my dad was a notary and was able to swear us in, which was very special. I let out a huge breathe that I didn’t even realize I was holding for the 90 some days since she had been born. It was such a special day. – Brittany
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Ours was over a Web conference so we could see a court representative (not the judge). It was 9am in FL and 8am in NE. We went to a place that specializes in Web conferences and they had the information for the court to connect to them. We walked in, a notary swore us in, a friend was there to photograph the finalization for us, we answered the judges questions and it was over. I’m sure that it was over in 10 minutes. We all went to breakfast afterwards! The twins were born 10.28.13, NICU and ICPC for a month, home on 11.28.13, Finalization on 7.2.14. – Karen and Joe
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We live in WI and our finalization took place in UT. We were fortunate that the lawyer set it up that he represented us and we didn’t have to travel. I honestly kinda wish we would’ve been there now as it would’ve been amazing to hear the judge say Hannah was ours. But we knew the time of the finalization hearing and it was only 10 min or so later that we got the call and the lawyer said “Congrats!! It’s a girl!” I’ll never forget getting off the phone and Mark and I hugging with Hannah squished between us. That was July 3, 2012 and we had a huge party on the Fourth of July to celebrate. The Fourth of July will always be extra celebrating for us. -Tammy

Ours was over the phone, too, at our insurance agent’s office.  It was nice to have it officially official and our attorney sent a nice photo to us if our judge holding our son’s photo in the court room. We just did a dinner out at a local restaurant with immediate family that night to celebrate!
We also went to Build A Bear and created a teddy bear to commemorate the day. The bear has 3 hearts – 2 for us as Q’s parents and his biological family and 1 for him in a different pattern. The bear now wears the outfit that Q wore during the finalization hearing! – Lindsay