I have the most beautiful story to share with you today.  I’ve been blessed and privileged  to walk with this family through adoption twice – their precious R more than two years ago and now beautiful baby I. Theirs is a story of God’s promises and the way He orchestrates incredible journeys in our lives, even when we can’t see it.  It’s an incredible reminder that His timing, not ours, is always best. In the words of the precious mama who so generously shared her adoption story for the blog today, “God is so incredibly good and He will make a way, just lean onto His promises.” Here is her story:

“It Takes a Village” and God provides it.

Jeremiah 29:11

It’s incredible to look back on our adoptions and see how divinely orchestrated they have been.  Connections that led to our girls’ adoptions were made on a baseball field in the 1970’s.  My father-in-law and his last roommate, Jerry, attended a 40 year reunion at Disney.  Through small talk, Jerry learned that we were in ‘the wait’ in the adoption process and Jerry just so happened to run an agency! “Have them fill out our application” was the message he sent our way.  Home study approved, we began the daunting process of completing application packets and asking Karalee (our incredibly sweet and generous CAC consultant) every imaginable question.

After giving and getting a few no’s, my husband got a call from Jerry about a baby girl who had been born that very day.  She had the sweetest face I could imagine!  Baby R made me a mom for the first time.  Fast forward two years, when we found ourselves at a crossroads between uprooting our lives to move west or pursuing another adoption.  After seeking counsel from Karalee and praying, we felt God was calling us to adoption again.  We did not feel the pressure to be placed right away; we were completely content in God’s timing.

Right before our home study was finalized, we were matched with a baby boy due right smack in the middle of the holidays, and we were elated.  We started to develop a bond with both expectant parents and spent hours discussing his name and planning for family visits.  I purchased a gift, a scroll necklace with the name they chose for him imprinted on it and a keepsake box for our updates.  Then, while visiting with my closest friend, my phone rang, and I was told his family decided to parent him.  My heart sank, my mind was flooded with thoughts of having to explain our failed match, and I wondered what to do with the necklace and keepsake box while mourning the loss of this baby I already loved but never knew.

Trusting God’s plan and leaning on his strength, I sent the necklace along with a card expressing our love and support to this sweet baby boy’s parents, completely understanding NONE of this journey is about me.  I called and texted Karalee for support and encouragement for the month following our failed match.  Because we still thought about him and love his parents, on Baby Boy’s due date, I reached out to the agency and asked if he was born; he was.  However, in the same breath the agency worker asked for clarification on our home-study and said, “I am with an expectant mom now and she is due in two days!”  We immediately sprang into action!  The next day, though, we heard that her due date was adjusted to five weeks out and my heart fell. I was instantly thrown into feelings of uncertainty and anxiousness.  Deciding to put those thoughts out of my mind and rest in God’s promises, we went day by day preparing and praying for Baby Girl.

We have built a precious relationship in our adoption with our first daughter’s birth mom, had started and cherished that bond with the expectant mom of the baby boy we had matched with, but we learned having contact and creating a bond was NOT an option with this expectant mom and that devastated me.  I wondered how she would ever know how much we love and admire her, how she’d ever know how this incredibly difficult decision will bless our lives and who her precious miracle girl will grow up to be.   We felt it was important to respect her wishes and we trust that God gave us this babe for a reason, but it is still incredibly difficult.

When we got the call that our expectant mom would be induced, we flew across the country to be there.  We sat for 12 hours in a borrowed car, walked around shops and tried to keep busy while anxiously awaiting a call that would let us know her baby girl was born.  As we walked into the mall down the hill from the hospital, we saw the most beautiful double rainbow and felt yet another reassurance of God’s promises.  Finally, at 6:00 pm, we got the call, our daughter was here.


God knew the children he had destined for us.  The origins of our family started with relationships formed in the 1970’s. He knew, back then, what our family would be and simply needed us to open the door for Him to move.  God is so incredibly good, and He will make a way, just lean into His promises.  The adoption journey is not without feelings of loss and sadness and it can look different than you think it will, but adoption is a uniquely perfect display of Christ’s love for us and how He adopted us into His family. And His ways and His timing are always better than what we could imagine for ourselves.


Special thanks to Katie Boser Photography for the gorgeous photo of sweet baby I.