I’m so happy to bring you some encouragement today from of the most lovely families.  If you’re waiting for your little one, don’t give up.  You never know what God has for you just right around the corner!
To Families in the Wait,
We waited 6 long years for our daughter to join our family. We have experienced the heartache of miscarriage and the disappointment of failed fertility treatments. On Labor Day weekend in 2018, we had a spiritual encounter with God and knew that his plan was for us to grow our family through adoption. We jumped head first into the process and began presenting to expectant parents in January 2019. We were presented over 30 times. Honestly, after hearing “She chose another family.” so many times, we eventually stopped counting. With each “no” we received, we leaned further into our faith. We knew that God led us down this path for a specific purpose and we owed it to him to stay faithful even in the hardest moments. We prayed over every situation and ultimately said “Yes” to presenting to ones that we never thought we would. We didn’t want to say “No” out of fear, but instead wanted to welcome whatever situation God had planned for our family. On October 4, 2019, we finally received the phone call that we had prayed for so many times. “She chose you!” Hearing those words instantly brought me to my knees and tears of joy flowed from my eyes! Just two weeks later, we traveled thousands of miles away from home to welcome our daughter into the world and into our family! Throughout our entire journey to becoming parents, God has always been faithful. There were many moments when we questioned whether we were on the right path, and in those moments we turned our eyes to God and He reassured us. Wherever your journey leads you, know that God is faithful and His plans for your life are far greater than what you could ever possibly plan for yourself. Don’t ever give up!