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Little Firecrackers

Hope you enjoyed a beautiful and fun 4th!  I loved seeing so many sweet babies decked out in their patriotic finest, so I thought I’d compile a group to share here.  Enjoy these little miracles celebrating America’s independence. 🙂


Perfect Timing


Every single adoption story is amazing and is full of twists and turns that we look back on and marvel over.  Every step we take, even the ones that hurt, leads us to the baby meant for us.  Never have I seen that play out more clearly than with Irene and Nate’s story. In a matter of  hours, they went from heart-break to sheer elation. The selfless love they poured out not only to their daughter’s birth family but to a birth family they got attached to and bonded with who ended up choosing to parent has moved me more than I can express.  It’s a true example of unconditional love and the desire, not just to become parents, but to love the very best way they could. Enjoy their journey to their precious Aubriella:

Our  home study and profile were completed in April. We applied to a few different agencies starting in May, and then had our first match within 6 months. I remember getting that email asking if we would be available for a phone interview. We were extremely nervous. The agency provided us with the contact information and the date and time of when we should call. On November 8th, we made the phone call and spoke with the birth mom.  The conversation went really well.  A week later we were told that we were officially matched with a baby girl due at the end of February.

In mid-December, we planned a trip  to visit with the birth family. Our first visit was meeting for breakfast, followed by going to the beach, and then going to their ultrasound appointment. It was neat to see the pictures both in 3D and 4D as well as listen to the heartbeat. We were given pictures and DVD to take home with us.

After we celebrated Christmas and New Year’s with our family and friends, we started getting the baby room ready. We continued to remain in contact with the birth mom throughout. In mid-January, I started to get a sense that something didn’t seem right.  I  got a message from the birth mom stating that she decided that she wasn’t going to go through with the adoption plan after all. Our hearts were completely crushed as we had the room almost ready and were prepared to bring a baby girl home next month. I immediately emailed the agency to tell them what happened. The day after, the agency called us with another case where the birth mother decided at the last minute she wanted to make an adoption plan for her daughter who was born just last week. . This birth mother wanted a family who loves the outdoors, travels, and pets. The agency told the birth mother that we were that family and after looking at our profile, she picked us immediately. This happened  just days after we got news that the original birth mother wasn’t going to go through with her adoption plan.  We packed up our bags Friday night, bought a car seat, and started our drive the next day.

On January 30th, we headed to the adoption agency and met our daughter’s birth mother for the first time. It was good to meet them and they were so glad they picked us. Then they brought the baby in and we all saw her for the first time. The birth mother didn’t want to see the baby at the hospital so this was the first time she saw her as well. It was definitely an emotional moment to share with her.

God definitely had a plan. If our original birth mother hadn’t chosen to parent, we would have missed out on this amazing opportunity. Our daughter is perfect in every way. In that same week, we went from extreme heartache to pure joy all in a matter of days. We are so excited to start this new journey as parents now. We are so proud to introduce  Aubriella Kay, born on 1/23/2017 and adopted into our hearts on 1/30/2017.

Crazily enough, we learned while we were in Florida that our original expectant mom had delivered her baby 4.5 weeks early. It was our intent to go see her while we were in FL to return the ultrasound pictures as it wouldn’t feel right to keep them. Her baby was in the NICU, so we met at the hospital to return the pictures and to also meet her baby. We brought some baby gifts as well since they didn’t have a lot of baby things on hand. It was a good way to bring peace and closure to the situation. We are happy for them that they were able to find a way to keep their family together.  We also met with Aubriella’s birth parents again right before we left and took pictures of them holding her. We will forever treasure that moment.

We are enjoying our time with sweet Aubriella and can’t believe how the events unfolded. I would have never guessed this would have been the ending to our story.  It’s amazing to see God’s hand in this and to realize this is actually just the beginning.


Happy New Year!

This year has brought blessings beyond anything I could have imagined – both personally with the addition of our third little miracle via adoption – and professionally.  Christian Adoption Consultants completed 206 placements in 2016.  206! I can’t tell you how honored I am to have been a part of those placements and what a privilege is has been to walk alongside my families during their adoption process.  I can never, ever express in words how much it means to me.  To celebrate last year and to kick off another great year, I’d love to share some of the sweetest faces of all time. Just looking at this group makes my heart want to burst. Here are just a few of my little CAC pals (and their parents aren’t so bad either 😉 ) who want to wish you a happy and healthy 2017 that is full of blessings!

Finally Final

Following the birth in August of the third baby welcomed to our family via adoption, I’m so reflective about the adoption process from not just a professional standpoint, but from a personal one.  As I reflect on different parts of the adoption process, I have a few families who would like to share stories with you about their adoption finalization.  Finalization happens weeks to months after a child is placed in your home.  After post-placement visits and legal filings – it’s the moment a judge declares what you’ve known in your heart since the second you met your little one – he or she is your child.  They are the same legally, emotionally, spiritually as a child born to you biologically.  Enjoy a few beautiful  reflections from some of my families and friends:

We’re in WI and finalized here. My husband and I both had to testify which was really moving and I cried. My brother was our attorney and my parents came to court with us. It was amazing. -Emily


Ours was over the phone but my dad was a notary and was able to swear us in, which was very special. I let out a huge breathe that I didn’t even realize I was holding for the 90 some days since she had been born. It was such a special day. – Brittany


Ours was over a Web conference so we could see a court representative (not the judge). It was 9am in FL and 8am in NE. We went to a place that specializes in Web conferences and they had the information for the court to connect to them. We walked in, a notary swore us in, a friend was there to photograph the finalization for us, we answered the judges questions and it was over. I’m sure that it was over in 10 minutes. We all went to breakfast afterwards! The twins were born 10.28.13, NICU and ICPC for a month, home on 11.28.13, Finalization on 7.2.14. – Karen and Joe


We live in WI and our finalization took place in UT. We were fortunate that the lawyer set it up that he represented us and we didn’t have to travel. I honestly kinda wish we would’ve been there now as it would’ve been amazing to hear the judge say Hannah was ours. But we knew the time of the finalization hearing and it was only 10 min or so later that we got the call and the lawyer said “Congrats!! It’s a girl!” I’ll never forget getting off the phone and Mark and I hugging with Hannah squished between us. That was July 3, 2012 and we had a huge party on the Fourth of July to celebrate. The Fourth of July will always be extra celebrating for us. -Tammy

Ours was over the phone, too, at our insurance agent’s office.  It was nice to have it officially official and our attorney sent a nice photo to us if our judge holding our son’s photo in the court room. We just did a dinner out at a local restaurant with immediate family that night to celebrate!
We also went to Build A Bear and created a teddy bear to commemorate the day. The bear has 3 hearts – 2 for us as Q’s parents and his biological family and 1 for him in a different pattern. The bear now wears the outfit that Q wore during the finalization hearing! – Lindsay



Congratulations, sweet family!

I have the most beautiful little girl to show you today!  Look at this face!! I can’t even.


What a perfect time to share a little bit from this family’s heart.  November is National Adoption Month – one of my very favorite things to celebrate!  We asked them three questions about their own adoption experience, and here are their responses:

How has adoption impacted your family in a special way?
It has been so special to watch our 3 boys fall in love with their new baby sister in the same way they would if she was biological.  It is a beautiful picture of how God lovingly adopts us into his family.  It brings new meaning to that whole concept.
What would you tell someone considering the adoption process?
Do it!  Maybe adoption isn’t for everyone, but I believe it is for more than are doing it.  In James 1:27 it says, “Religion that God our father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.”  We had many fears, but God helped us to work through each fear as it came along.
How do you feel about your child’s birthparents?
We were terrified to meet them but had a very special time with them.  We were moved and humbled by the sacrifice of the birth mom.  She clearly loved her baby but wanted the best for her.  She didn’t want her baby to suffer for poor decisions she had made.  We respect her so much and hope to stay in contact with her.
We’ll continue to share special stories straight from our families throughout the month.  Make sure you’re following us on Facebook for daily updates!

Guest Post: Dear Mommy-in-Waiting

I’m beyond thrilled to feature the most beautiful Mama, Beth, on the blog today.  She and her sweet husband, Craig, are CAC clients, but way more than that, they are close friends.  Her message is a perfect one for those of you in the wait.  Enjoy!! 🙂

Dear Mommy-in-Waiting,

Our stories have their differences- the people, circumstances, and time are unique to us both- but, my, how they run parallel.  My story may be a just few chapters ahead, but we share the same subject: the love for a child.  As I write this with my six-week-old, Isaac, nestled to my chest, you are on my heart too.

Mommy-in-Waiting is a temporary title and one day your child will be snuggled against you and that baby-sized hole in your heart will be filled!  But until then, there’s the wait.  I remember, not that long ago, well-meaning people telling me to get sleep while I could.  Nice thoughts, yes, but the only thing I longed for was the child that would keep me up in the middle of the night.  Oh, how I couldn’t wait for it!  And your sleepless nights, they are coming too with your sweet one!

It can feel like there is nothing kind about the waiting stage in the adoption journey, but know that it will pass.  I can say this now, because my feet were standing right in your shoes a short time ago.  And it is worth it!  It is worth it, because there is a child who also waits to call you Mommy!  Today is just a snapshot of your adoption journey.  You might feel like you aren’t moving forward, but you are!  Know that in the end, your motionless snapshots will create a beautiful story of the love for your child and your wait, which seems so significant now, will be out-shined by your sweet one.

Many days, the only thing that got me through the wait was my relationship with Jesus! There’s nothing quite like the frustrations and worries during this stage of the adoption journey that plant you right on your knees.  It was through scripture, music, and prayer that I kept my hope (and my sanity).  I encourage you to find peace in Jesus.  It doesn’t mean that you are going to have perfect days- I surely didn’t and my sweet, patient hubby would agree- but it’s such a relief that there is an open invitation to turn everything over to Him.

You may be familiar with Philippians 4:6-7, but I know I still need to be reminded of its message.  The Apostle Paul writes, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” The excitement you have for the day when you will hold your little one is part of being a Mommy-in-Waiting, but don’t let the frustrations and worries of the wait steal your excitement and cause you anxiety.  You are invited to experience the amazing peace Paul bids us to take.  It’s ours to experience when we give our anxieties to Jesus, and as many times throughout your day as we need it!

As someone looking out for you on the other side of the wait, I know you can make it through!  Remember, it’s worth it!  And when the waiting gets hard or on days when it’s even harder, talk to your Savior Jesus Christ.  He is waiting Himself to listen and provide you with peace.

In love,


CAC Father’s Day Discount


As Father’s Day approaches, I can’t help but think of how the Lord is bringing families together everyday through adoption.

I am so grateful to get to be a small part of building families through adoption, to see children placed with their forever moms and forever dads. At Christian Adoption Consultants, we are inspired by the message in the New Testament that states we are adopted into God’s family as believers.  That we are his children, and he is our Abba Father.

God’s Spirit touches our spirits and confirms who we really are. We know who He is, and we know who we are: Father and children. Romans 8:15 (MSG)


In honor of all of our CAC dads, we are offering one of our rare specials to help make the cost of adoption a bit more attainable. We are happy to be sharing 10% off all of our top packages, from June 13-17th.  (Special note: this does not apply to our DIY package).

If adoption has been on your heart, and you aren’t sure where to begin, I would love to chat with you more!

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